2020–21 Annual Report

cover of annual report 2021

“The global COVID-19 pandemic has continued to test health systems, and the policy-making machinery that guides them, across Australia and the wider world throughout 2020-21. The clinical, research and policy challenges have been novel, and the need for new evidence has been and remains urgent and unrelenting.” – Professor...


2019–20 Annual Report

annual report 2020 cover image

“The 2019–20 financial year brought global health and policy challenges unforeseeable just a few months earlier. From the unprecedented Australian bushfire season that began in late 2019, to the global COVID‑19 pandemic of 2020, the need for high‑quality evidence and analysis to inform policy responses has seldom been greater.”...


2018–19 Annual Report

The cover image of the Sax Institute Annual Report 2019. The cover is an image of a woman lifting a young girl into the air while they are both laughing.

“Our partners, collaborators and clients value three characteristics above all that define the Sax Institute: our independence, our expertise and our determination to follow the evidence… This year has been exceptionally strong for the Sax Institute and has demonstrated a growing interest nationally in our expertise and approach – neatly...


2017-18 Annual Report

Three themes characterised the strong contribution made by the Institute in 2017–18: Impact, Innovation and Partnerships. We secured a new five-year funding agreement with the NSW Government, attracted a new $2.5 million grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council to improve the lives of Aboriginal children, and...


2016-2017 Annual Report

Annual Report 2016-17 thumbnail

“Change. Opportunity. Vision. These are three words that describe the Sax Institute journey in 2016-17.” – Dr Irene Moss AO, Chair. Highlights of 2016-17 We developed an innovative training course for early career researchers The SEARCH collaboration was awarded $2.8million in new funding for its next phase Use of...


2015-2016 Annual Report: Making our mark on Australia’s health landscape

Highlights from 2015-16 include: Launching the Research Action Awards to celebrate research with a significant impact on health policy, programs or service delivery Working with 77 policy and program agencies on diverse projects ranging from older people’s use of the health system to liquor licensing policy Seeing the number of...


2014-2015 Annual Report

In 2014–15 we worked across the health system to address major challenges such as removing barriers to using research, tapping the potential of Big Data for better use in health and more broadly and looking outside the health system to recognise the drivers of health and ill-health. Five new...


2013-2014 Annual Report

During 2013–2014 the Institute developed stronger relationships with policy agencies, greater use and value of our research assets and made an impact on health services, policy and programs. Highlights include record numbers of researchers using our research assets the 45 and Up Study and the Secure Unified Research Environment,...


2012-2013 Annual Report

In 2012-2013 the Institute reached a new point in its evolution, where we began to realise many of the possibilities we envisaged when starting out a decade ago. Important new milestones were reached. Nearly 500 researchers are now using the 45 and Up Study and our new Analysis for...


2011-2012 Annual Report

We celebrated major achievements and reached important benchmarks during 2011-2012, including the official launch of SURE, the Secure Unified Research Environment, and the SEARCH study of Aboriginal child health entering a major new phase. More than 20 policy and program agencies have now joined our CIPHER network – the...