• Highlights of 2019–20:

    • The Institute responded flexibly to the challenge posed by COVID‑19, with the 45 and Up Study developing new methods of data collection to understand the impact of COVID‑19.
    • Use of the Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE) continued to grow, with 33% more users by 30 June 2020 compared to a year earlier.
    • The Knowledge Exchange Program had a busy year, launching the new Evidence Snapshot that delivered streamlined evidence to decision makers within three to five days.
    • Public Health Research & Practice continued to extend its impact, reaching more than 140,000 readers and covering many issues of immediate interest to policy, practice and service delivery, such as the COVID‑19 pandemic and countering the commercial determinants of health.
    • The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre furthered its reach, with new international collaborations and high-impact research on liveable cities.
    annual report 2020 cover image
  • 2020 Signed Financial Statements

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