Apply for access to the 45 and Up Study

Submit an expression of interest

Make an initial enquiry by completing an Expression of Interest form and submitting it to our 45 and Up Coordinating Centre.

Receive a fee estimate

Our 45 and Up Coordinating Centre will assess if the data is fit for your purpose and provide you with a fee estimate. A fee guide is available here. Click here for a fee guide.

Get ethics approval

To access the Study data you will need approval from an Australian Human Research Ethics Committee.

Start your project

When all agreements have been completed and the initial invoice paid, you will be provided with access to SURE to begin.

Frequently asked questions

Click here for a guide to charges for the 45 and Up data together with the required workspace in SURE.

Please note that fees vary according to the way you use the Study, the number of researchers accessing the data (students are covered if their supervisor has access), the number of data sets being used, and duration of the project. The costs for linking administrative datasets not managed by the Sax Institute need to be requested directly from CHeReL.

All research projects using the 45 and Up Study are required to obtain approval from the following bodies before data can be accessed for research:

  • The 45 and Up Study Coordinating Centre
  •  An Australian Human Research Ethics Committee as required under the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research
  • Relevant data custodians
  • Ethics approval may also be required from the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) for research with a specific Aboriginal focus.

Learn more about Governance and Ethics.

The data for your research will be set up in the Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE). SURE is a purpose-built remote-access data research laboratory operated by the Sax Institute providing a secure computing environment for analysis of data. Tools for analysing the data such as SAS, R, STATA, SPSS are readily available in SURE.

Use the 45 and Up Study

To begin working with the 45 and Up Study, please return an expression of interest form by email to