Conducting research in SURE

The Secure Unified Research Environment

The Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE) gives researchers an easy and secure way of accessing linked data from hospitals, cancer registries, Medicare and more.

How SURE works for researchers

SURE is a remote access research platform available from your own computer. Your workspace allows access to data and analytical software without datasets ever leaving SURE, helping you safely collaborate with colleagues in Australia and overseas.

It’s an easy, safe and secure way for Australian researchers and data custodians to work together. Already more than 500 researchers are using SURE for work that tackles major health issues such as cancer, diabetes and mental health.

Access linked health data

SURE is nationally recognised and hosts sensitive health data from more than 25 data custodians including from hospitals, Medicare, cancer registries and more.

Save money and time

Get flexible access to high-powered virtual machines at low monthly rates, with transparent costs.

Work collaboratively

Our workspaces give researchers the ability to collaborate with researchers at other institutions internationally.

Conduct analysis in half the time

SURE’s powerful servers let researchers conduct analysis quickly and securely, including access to GPUs when needed.

Highly secure data management

SURE is accredited and regularly audited under ISO27001:2013, includes strong multi-factor identification and undergoes regular testing to ensure data is safe, secure and compliant.

Contact us

To discuss your research needs, please contact the SURE team at

SURE is operated by the Sax Institute and is supported by the Population Health Research Network which is an initiative of the Australian Government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and the NSW Government.