Safely share data with SURE

The Secure Unified Research Environment

The Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE) offers data custodians a powerful and secure platform for sharing data with researchers.

SURE is nationally recognised and hosts health data from all Australian states and territories. 

There are now more than 25 state and national data custodians uploading data to SURE, and 450 researchers using the facility for research tackling major health issues such as cancer, diabetes and mental health.

How SURE works for data custodians

We work closely with custodians to understand how they want to share their information with researchers. We can put permissions and rules in place that suit the most restrictive or most liberalised data release requirements or any combination in between.

These services are designed to give custodians a range of security controls so that researchers access the most useful and insightful sets of data.

Highly secure data management you can trust

SURE is accredited and regularly audited under ISO27001:2013 to provide custodians with the utmost confidence in our information security management practices. SURE adheres to the Five Safes framework; safe people, projects, settings, data and outputs.

A national resource approved for rapid data release

SURE is nationally recognised and hosts sensitive health data from more than 25 data custodians in all Australian states and territories. SURE’s pre-approval cuts down on waiting times for researchers and allows for the rapid release of data for health research.

Customised data controls and insight

When you share data with SURE, you also get to see how it’s being used. Our team of experienced data managers can provide regular reporting on researchers’ use of SURE, from logging of file access to individual keystrokes and data viewing.

New servers that conduct analysis in half the time

We’ve recently upgraded to powerful new servers, including GPUs, meaning researchers can now conduct analysis 50% faster. And thanks to our new server environment, SURE users and custodians have more than enough storage for upload and analysis.

Constant upgrades to keep pace with Australian researchers

SURE is continually responding to the needs of custodians and users, and is currently developing new solutions for artificial intelligence analysis and hybrid-cloud computing that will provide more flexibility and options for analysing data.

Contact us

To begin working with SURE, please contact us at

SURE provides an amazing opportunity for researchers to access data that wouldn’t otherwise be available to us. It also gives data custodians the confidence to be able to release data to researchers.

Dr Emily Callander
Health Economist at Griffith University
SURE is operated by the Sax Institute and is supported by the Population Health Research Network which is an initiative of the Australian Government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and the NSW Government.