A Sax Institute Evidence Check involves conducting a rapid review of existing research and evidence that is tailored to  a policy agency’s individual needs. Our Knowledge Exchange team then coordinates an Evidence Check Review – a concise summary of evidence that answers specific policy questions presented in a policy-friendly format.

The Evidence Check Library houses a selection of Evidence Check Reviews conducted for policy agencies over the past two years.

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Are libraries effective settings for accessing health information?


November 2016. Leung R, Flaherty MG, Rudd R, Toumbourou JW. This review examined evidence of the effectiveness of using public libraries as settings for health promotion and health education programs. Although very few such programs have been evaluated and reported in the literature, there is evidence that it is feasible...


Implementing nicotine dependence and smoking cessation care in hospitals

Implementing nicotine dependence and smoking cessation care in hospitals thumbnail

June 2016. Wiggers J, Khanrin V, Wolfenden L. Yoong S, Paul C et al. This Evidence Check review examines models of managing nicotine dependence in health facilities under a smoke-free healthcare policy directive. The research evidence suggests that smoking cessation can be increased via a number of interventions including:...


Evidence for the effectiveness of peer-led education for at risk youth

Peer-led education for at risk youth

May 2016. Hunt S, Kay-Lambkin F, Simmons M, Thornton L, Slade T et al. This Evidence Check examined evidence for the effectiveness of peer-led interventions for reducing alcohol and other drug (AOD) related harms in at risk youth. The most common forms of peer-led education programs involved coaches or peer-support...


Healthcare performance reporting bodies

Healthcare performance reporting bodies featured image

February 2016. Hibbert P, Johnston B, Wiles L, Braithwaite J. This Evidence Check review examined organisations that have a key role in healthcare performance measurement and reporting across developed economies. A total of 34 organisations from 12 countries were included in the analysis, with the aim of identifying trends...


Comprehensive care

Comprehensive Care

March 2016. Grimmer K, Kennedy K, Fulton A, Guerin M, Uy J et al.  This Evidence Check examined the effect of comprehensive care in acute settings on patient outcomes. The evidence shows that initiating a comprehensive care program has the potential to lead to increased patient satisfaction, increased involvement of...


Behaviour change techniques for telephone-delivered and supported health coaching interventions

Changing behaviour by telephone - what works

December 2015. Benn Y, Martin J, Millings A, Norman P, Webb TL. This Evidence Check review examined the effectiveness of specific behaviour change techniques (BCTs) delivered by telephone in two areas: promoting healthy weight; and supporting parents. The review found that telephone-delivered interventions to promote healthy weight can be...


mHealth technologies for chronic disease prevention and management

mHealth technologies

December 2015. L Laranjo, A Lau, B Oldenburg, E Gabarron, A O’Neill et al. This Evidence Check review examines the evidence regarding the benefits, uptake and operationalisation of mHealth technologies (including short messaging services (SMS), mobile apps and wearable devices) for chronic disease management and prevention. The review found...


Patient experiences in Australian hospitals

Patients' Experiences in Australian Hospital

December 2015. Harrison R, Walton M, Manias E.  This Evidence Check review examined factors relating to positive and negative experiences of patients in Australian hospitals. It drew on qualitative studies of patient reported experiences and found that small changes to health system operations and resourcing, and the way professionals...


Patient safety in primary healthcare: a review of the literature

Patient safety in primary healthcare a review of the literature

November 2015. Makeham M, Pont L, Prgomet M, Carson-Stevens A, Lake R, Purdy H, Westbook J. This Evidence Check review examined the evidence of risks to patient safety in primary healthcare and the effectiveness of interventions to minimise risks. It found an increased risk of harm was associated with...


Orthotics and prosthetics workforce planning

Orthotics and prosthetics workforce planning

November 2015. Tivey D, Scarfe A, Duncan J, Marlow N, Cameron A, Babidge W. This Evidence Check review was commissioned to provide evidence on research questions pertaining to workforce planning for orthotists and/or prosthetists. The review focussed on understanding the role that orthotists and prosthetists and technical support staff...