Cancer Australia commissioned a rapid evidence review on proton beam therapy (PBT) prepared by the Sax Institute.

The report focuses on PBT’s efficacy, safety, and advantages over conventional radiation therapy for pediatric cancers, central nervous tumors, head and neck cancer, and prostate cancer.

The report finds that PBT’s effectiveness varies depending on the cancer type and individual patient factors, highlighting the need for personalised treatment planning and more research to determine the neuropsychological benefits.

Limitations are acknowledged throughout the report.

Information included in this Evidence Snapshot contributed to Cancer Australia’s “Strategy for Proton Beam Therapy for cancer patients in Australia”, commissioned by the Hon. Mark Butler, Minister for Health and Aged Care. This report outlines a strategy for equitable access to Proton Beam Therapy for cancer patients in Australia and may be accessed here


Moxham-Hall, V., du Toit, A., Newell, S., Brentnall, S, Rawlings, D. and Goldberg, E. (2023) “Proton beam therapy: a rapid review of the evidence Evidence Snapshot prepared by the Sax Institute ( for Cancer Australia, 2023.

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