This Evidence Check sought to find effective interventions for tobacco screening and cessation in CALD communities. It focused on Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic speakers, as they are the largest CALD populations in Australia and have high rates of smoking and low rates of screening adherence. A total of 68 studies dating from 2013 were included; however, most of these (49 studies) related to screening and relatively few (19) to cessation. Most cessation interventions had at least three components, with written information and education sessions most common; across all studies there were fifteen different intervention components. For Chinese speakers there were eight components with promising evidence, but for Arabic speakers only counselling had promising evidence, and for Vietnamese speakers there were no components with sufficient evidence. Most screening interventions had three to four components; education sessions and written information were most common. For both Vietnamese and Chinese speakers there were seven screening intervention components with promising evidence, but for Arabic speakers one component (opportunity to be screened). Results from several studies were aggregated across several CALD groups and thus difficult to interpret with respect to the three groups focused on in this review. The quality of evidence was generally low for the question regarding cessation (only one randomised controlled trial), but substantially better for the screening question (two systematic reviews and 13 randomised controlled trials).


McEntee A, Hines S, Trigg J, Fairweather K, Guillaumier A, Fischer J, Bonevski B, Smith JA, Wilson C, and Bowden J. Tobacco cessation and screening in culturally and linguistically diverse communities: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for Cancer Council NSW, 2022. doi:10.57022/sneg4189

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