The Sax Institute produces a range of publications, including: published research in peer-reviewed journals; Evidence Check Reviews, evidence summaries designed to answer specific policy questions; and a peer-reviewed public health journal Public Health Research & Practice.

Evidence Matters Issue 38


September 2019. A new decision support tool that could take some of the guesswork out of suicide prevention policy, gender discrepancies for heart disease, new meat recommendations and more in this edition of Evidence Matters. Read the full issue of Evidence Matters Subscribe to Evidence Matters


Evidence for smoking quitlines (NEW)

April 2019. Carson-Chahhoud, Kopsaftis Z, Sharrad K, Esterman A. This review examines the evidence for smoking quitlines—telephone-based services providing behavioural support for people seeking to stop smoking, and advice to family, friends and professionals who wish to support others to quit. The review aimed to understand the key components...


Animal sourced protein meat and poultry and heart health

Evidence Check Cover for Animal sourced protein

December 2018. Ndanuko R, Marklund M, Zheng M, Collins C, Raubenheimer D, Wu J. This review examines the relationship between unprocessed meat intake and cardiovascular disease (CVD), focusing on: the association between meat/poultry consumption and CVD risk in adults; whether there is a level of consumption at which the...


Evidence Matters Issue 37

August 2019. Cancer screening is in the spotlight in this edition of Evidence Matters. Plus, we talk about our $1.2m grant for research into healthy Indigenous ageing, the secret to improving community mental health, and more. Read the full issue of Evidence Matters Subscribe to Evidence Matters


Evidence Matters Issue 36

July 2019. This issue of Evidence Matters examines how Indigenous people can drive change in our institutions. Plus disturbing new research on smoking and heart disease and four future health care leaders who discuss their plans for the year ahead, and more. Read the full issue of Evidence Matters...


Evidence Matters Issue 35

May 2019. In this issue of Evidence Matters, we interview the Institute’s Dr Anna Williamson about her recently published research on how researchers and policy makers can work better together, discuss our participation in a major new initiative to tackle antimicrobial resistance, and examine youth smoking rates in young...


Digital platforms as effective health promotion tools

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March 2019. Zarnowiecki D, Mauch C, Middleton G, Bradley A, Murawsky L, et al. This Evidence Check found digital health promotion interventions targeting parents can significantly improve parents’ and children’s dietary intake. 


Evidence Matters Issue 34

April 2019. In this issue of Evidence Matters, we look at how the Medicare safety net can skew doctors’ fees, showcase the latest issue of our journal Public Health Research & Practice, report on Australia’s efforts to address the rising tide of obesity and more. Read the full issue...


Catch Up 2019 issue

Welcome to the 2019 issue of Catch Up, our newsletter for 45 and Up Study participants. In this issue, we talk about how some seemingly minor lifestyle choices can impact heart health and the benefits of even small amounts of vigorous exercise. We’ve included information about the status of...


Addressing unwarranted variation in healthcare

Evidence Check Cover Image

March 2019. Harrison R, Manias E, Mears S, Hinchcliff R, Heslop D. Clinical variation is evident throughout healthcare systems and services internationally. Although statistical and framework approaches are well established for determining variation, there is less clarity on how to define variation which warrants action.