The Sax Institute produces a range of publications, including: published research in peer-reviewed journals; Evidence Check Reviews, evidence summaries designed to answer specific policy questions; and a peer-reviewed public health journal Public Health Research & Practice.

Evidence Matters Issue 25

Evidence Matters e-newsletter

November − December 2017. In the latest issue of Evidence Matters, we meet the winners of our 2017 Research Action Awards, whose research is making a real difference on the ground in the areas of alcohol policy and in supporting driver licensing in NSW Aboriginal communities. We also share tips from...


Dietary fats and cardiovascular disease

Rapid review: Dietary fats and CVD

November 2017. This review examined the evidence for the association between dietary fat consumption and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Commissioned by the National Heart Foundation of Australia, the review looked at CVD incidence, outcomes for people with existing CVD, and the effectiveness of manipulating dietary fat intake for managing hypercholesterolemia....


Evidence Matters Issue 24

October 2017. In the latest issue of Evidence Matters, we share news about our recent 45 and Up Study Annual Forum, including a keynote address by pre-eminent health researcher Ian Fraser, and plans for the large-scale collection of blood samples from participants, ensuring the Study will become an even...


2016-2017 Annual Report

Annual Report 2016-17 thumbnail

“Change. Opportunity. Vision. These are three words that describe the Sax Institute journey in 2016-17.” – Dr Irene Moss AO, Chair. Highlights of 2016-17 We developed an innovative training course for early career researchers The SEARCH collaboration was awarded $2.8million in new funding for its next phase Use of...


Women and women with children residential rehabilitation best practice

November 2017. Williams B, Bowles K, Lubman D, Chakraborty S, Beovich B et al. This review examines models of care and aftercare for women and women with children in residential rehabilitation for alcohol and other drug problems. The review also explores the benefits of treatment services which allow children...


Specialist dementia care units

Evidence check

September 2017. Masso M, Duncan C, Grootemaat P, Phillipson L, Samsa P, Fildes D, Gordon R. This review examined the international evidence regarding effective management and care of people with severe and extreme behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. The review looked at what specialist dementia care units have...


International food service initiatives

October 2017. Carins J, Pang B, Knox K, Wilmott T, Storr R, Robertson D, Rundle-Thiele S and Pettigrew S. This Evidence Check rapid review was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Health and brokered by the Sax Institute for The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre to better understand the evidence...


Evidence Matters Issue 23

Evidence Matters September 2017

September 2017. In the latest issue of Evidence Matters we share news about how a ‘game-changing’ grant from the NSW Government will enable Australian researchers to use whole genome sequencing of samples from 45 and Up Study participants to improve understanding of the genetics of bipolar disorder. We also look...


Inpatient care for children and adolescents with mental disorders

Evidence Check

September 2017. Indig D, Gear C, York A. This review examined evidence about when inpatient care is the most effective and appropriate form of care for children and adolescents with moderate to severe mental disorders. The evidence is limited and synthesis is difficult given the small sample sizes and...


Evidence Matters Issue 22

August 2017. In the latest issue of Evidence Matters we share news from the 2017 Annual SEARCH Forum in which the Federal Minister for Indigenous Health, Ken Wyatt, met with SEARCH families to highlight the importance of the Study. We also share new research from the 45 and Up Study that highlights...