SURE is now faster and more flexible

The Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE) is Australia’s leading health research platform and has recently undergone a range of new upgrades. Here’s how SURE can help you:

More powerful virtual machines

With increasing volumes of heath data available, researchers are applying advanced analytic and artificial intelligence techniques. 

SURE now offers even more powerful virtual machines with up to 128GB RAM and 16 CPU cores.

We’ve added GPU nodes to support the application of advanced AI techniques to population health research.

Increased flexibility

Flexible computing packages can be requested for as little as one month and will be provided the next business day, so that researchers pay only for the power they need, and can access it when needed.

Secure Sandbox and Synthetic Data

SURE Secure Sandboxes are available to share synthetic data and analysis applications with researchers on a short-term basis.

This means researchers can explore synthetic datasets  before ethics approvals to develop code that can be applied to the real datasets once all approvals are received.

If you have any custom computing requirements, or would like to see a new feature or functionality in SURE, we’d love to hear from you.

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