New capabilities of SURE 2.0 on show at online event

Male programmer using laptop analyzing and developing information using data-sharing platform.

Australia’s leading data custodians and users of linked data joined an online showcase of the new ways in which SURE 2.0 is supporting health research through improved data sharing and analysis capabilities. ‘SURE 2.0: Ready for the future of research’ was held online on July 27, bringing together more than 100 researchers, data users and … Read more

SURE 2.0: Ready for the Future of Research

SURE has made huge advances in capabilities over the past two years and we want to share them with you in the hope that you can use them to turbo-charge your research projects to work more effectively and make new discoveries. The objectives of this event are to: We plan a short interactive session at … Read more

SURE is now faster and more flexible

Sax Institute logo above an image of a series of connected nodes

The Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE) is Australia’s leading health research platform and has recently undergone a range of new upgrades. Here’s how SURE can help you: More powerful virtual machines With increasing volumes of heath data available, researchers are applying advanced analytic and artificial intelligence techniques.  SURE now offers even more powerful virtual machines with up … Read more