The Secured Unified Research Environment (SURE) is an online workspace for analysing and sharing health data from many sources, including hospitals, Medicare and cancer registries.

SURE puts the right data in the right hands – offering custodians a flexible way to share health data with the research community, while also giving researchers access to pre-approved linked data they can trust.

This national asset is used by over 500 researchers and 25 government and health data custodians across Australia, powering research that tackles major health issues such as cancer, diabetes and mental health.

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What SURE offers data custodians

  • Data protection that meets the highest data governance and security requirements
  • Customised controls and insights, to control how data is shared with researchers
  • A nationally-recognised platform that hosts sensitive health data from all Australian states and territories

What SURE offers researchers

  • Fast and reliable access to linked health data from hospitals, Medicare, cancer registries, and more
  • A virtual workspace for analysing data and sharing findings with remote research teams
  • Protected hardware that prevents datasets from leaving SURE

Start using SURE

If you’re interested in using SURE, please contact us on (02) 9195 6060 or [email protected]

Find out more

  • Download the SURE flyer for data custodians (PDF 168 KB)
  • Learn more about how to use SURE, including registration process, access charges and training
  • Read SURE’s frequently asked questions

“SURE provides an amazing opportunity for researchers to access data that wouldn’t otherwise be available to us. It also gives data custodians the confidence to be able to release data to researchers.”

Dr Emily Callander, Health Economist at Griffith University and SURE user

SURE was developed by the Sax Institute, and is operated as part of the Population Health Research Network (PHRN) with funding from the Australian Government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and the NSW Government.