CIPHER, the Centre for Informing Policy in Health with Evidence from Research, is investigating the tools, skills and systems that might contribute to an increased use of research evidence in policy.

CIPHER aims to:

  • Develop new ways of measuring the use of research in policy
  • Describe current policy agency practice in using research
  • Test the impact of an intervention program based on our ‘best bets’ about what works
  • Develop and test new strategies to increase research evidence in policy
  • Improve access to information summaries
  • Build researchers’ skills in working with policy agencies.

CIPHER is funded with an NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence grant and is a collaboration of seven Australian and international organisations: the Sax Institute; the Australasian Cochrane Centre; The University of New South Wales; The University of Newcastle; University of South AustraliaAustralian National University; and University of St Andrews in the UK.