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The Sax Institute is commissioning a rapid review of illicit drug decriminalisation, diversion, and depenalisation schemes in use internationally, and a review of the evidence of the impacts of these models on health, social, economic, criminal justice system, and other relevant outcomes.

The purpose of this Evidence Check will be to inform the discussion of decriminalisation models in NSW at the upcoming drug summit. If the government chooses to implement drug law reform, this review would also be used in the development of evidence-based policy and legislation.

Expressions of interest close 5pm 19 September 2023.

The review will address the following questions:

Question 1: What types of illicit drug decriminalisation schemes are currently being used internationally?

Question 2: For those schemes identified in Question 1 that have been evaluated, what is the impact on health, social, criminal justice, traffic, economic, and other relevant outcomes?

A draft (complete) report for this Evidence Check review is required by 13 November 2023, and the final report by 12 December 2023.

If you would like a copy of the project brief for this review, please contact by email: Please use ‘EOI: 23-CAOD-20 Decriminalisation of Controlled Drugs’ in the subject line.

Please feel free to circulate this opportunity to those who may be interested in this topic.

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