Analysis for Policy is a Sax Institute program designed to help health decision makers undertake policy-relevant research via our flagship research asset – the 45 and Up Study.

The program offers a customised service to assist policy and program agencies in defining their research questions and establishing research partnerships using the Study data.

Analysis for Policy in action

Working with agencies

Analysis for Policy staff will work with policy agencies to identify where 45 and Up Study data can be used to answer relevant policy questions and the feasibility and costs of conducting a study to answer these questions.

Where a study proceeds, and depending on its size and complexity, Analysis for Policy will either:

  • Undertake the analysis and reporting, or
  • Identify and brief an appropriate third party research team and manage the relationship with the policy agency.

The team will also be available for technical advice and to guide the final report.

Analysis for Policy operates on a cost-recovery basis and management/brokerage fees apply if a study proceeds. Other likely costs include data linkage fees (where linkage is required) and charges for analysis and reporting.

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