October 2015.

In this month’s e-Bulletin, we focus on shifts in the way hospitals are managed, from the way wards are organised to the way staff are rostered. We look at research into how both staff and patients reacted to a move to single-bed wards as well as new findings that 12-hour nursing shifts come at the expense of nurses’ psychological wellbeing.

We also outline some of the latest research on improving care in the elderly, with an Australian study showing that one in four older patients admitted to hospital have not had their medications managed appropriately in the community prior to their hospitalisation.

In our profile article, we meet Associate Professor Mary Haines, the initial director of HARC, who today holds roles at both the Sax Institute and Cancer Institute NSW and works across the research and policy fields in research translation.

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Megan Howe
Editor, HARC e-Bulletin