The Sax Institute’s RADAR — Researcher Accessible Database for the Allocation of Reviews — is a register of national and international experts in population health and health services research.

Researchers who join RADAR may work with us in a number of ways:

  • Preparing synthesised and summarised research evidence to answer specific policy or program questions as part of our Evidence Check┬árapid review service
  • Providing guidance to plan and undertake evaluations as part of our Evaluation Make service
  • Working together with decision makers to consider current and emerging research on issues of importance to their organisation
  • Providing high-level advice to guide decision making.
Apply to join RADAR

Help using Adobe Forms

Adobe forms such as the RADAR form must be opened using an Adobe program, such as Adobe Reader (version eight or newer, which can be downloaded for free here) or Adobe Acrobat. Most non-Adobe PDF viewers (Apple Preview, Google Chrome PDF viewer, etc) will not allow you to submit the form electronically.

  1. After selecting Apply to join RADAR, immediately save the RADAR Registration form to your computer
  2. Open the form, enter your information, and re-save
  3. Email the RADAR form, with your CV, to