The 45 and Up Study is fully owned and managed by the Sax Institute, in collaboration with our partners and supporters.

The Institute’s 45 and Up Study coordinating centre manages the Study and is responsible through the Division Head, Research Assets, and the CEO to the Sax Institute’s Board, which has ultimate responsibility for the Study’s governance.

A number of independent bodies also play important governance roles:

This Committee has ethical oversight of conduct of the Study and the use of its research assets. All changes to new uses of the Study with potential implications for Study participants require the Committee’s approval. The Sax Institute also reports annually to the Committee on its conduct of the Study. These requirements ensure that all research use of Study assets is in accordance with the Australian National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

The Study also has in principle permission for data linkage from the Human Research Ethics Committees of the following organisations:

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Australian Government Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Sydney Local Health District
South Western Sydney Local Health District
NSW Health
Cancer Institute NSW

Individual projects using linked data require separate approval from the relevant ethics committees and data custodians.