Our work covers a wide range of programs and activities but our objectives underpin everything we do. They are to:

  • Build and maintain sustainable research assets that enable high-quality research and produce new knowledge for decision making
  • Drive research that contributes to policy, program and service delivery decisions
  • Give health decision makers ready access to relevant research findings and research expertise and the capacity to use them effectively
  • Lead international best practice in knowledge exchange
  • Maintain and strengthen a sustainable and effective organisation.

A transformative organisation

High-quality, locally relevant research evidence can make a vital contribution to the effectiveness of health programs and services. Evidence from research can also empower policy makers, health professionals and the community. Armed with research evidence, they can better understand what works, what doesn’t and why, and at what cost.

But there are barriers to making this happen, such as the sheer volume of research, policy makers and researchers working with different time frames, and the need to create research that better answers health decision makers’ questions. Currently, many opportunities to use research evidence in health decisions are missed.

We aim to drive the best use of research in decisions about health policy, programs and services. We are not a research institute but rather, a transformative organisation established to develop innovative ways of better engaging research and policy.

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