The 45 and Up Study is a world-class health asset that is ready and available to Australia’s researchers. It promises Big Data for Big Questions.

Its large size gives the Study power to answer your research questions quickly and can also address a diverse range of queries, even those relating to uncommon conditions and small population groups.

The Study provides the opportunity to answer almost any question about health and ageing and we actively encourage use of the resource by individuals or groups provided ethical and scientific quality criteria are met.

More than 660 researchers have now used data from the Study. Projects under way cover issues ranging from diabetes and physical activity, to high-risk prescribing and health resource use. They can be viewed in our 45 and Up Study research projects section and a list of published research is available in Publications.

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  • There are many 45 and Up resources available in the Researcher toolkit on our website but please contact the 45 and Up coordinating centre if you need more information.