This review will inform revision of survey instruments to monitor self-esteem in the Go4Fun healthy lifestyle programs which promote healthy eating, physical activity and confidence building in overweight children aged seven to thirteen. The programs include: Go4Fun, Aboriginal Go4Fun and Go4Fun Online. The review aimed to answer two key questions: what short-form questionnaires for monitoring self-esteem in children aged 7-13 have been validated for use in healthcare settings?, and what validated short-form self-esteem questionnaires have been evaluated for their usability and acceptability in vulnerable populations? The reviewers provide objective recommendations and expert opinion for the inclusion of a validated measure of self-esteem in the Go4Fun program.
Bonham M, Brennan L, Brimblecombe J, Bristow C, Day K, et al. Survey instruments for monitoring self-esteem in children: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Ministry of Health, 2018.
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