The role of schools in promoting wellbeing and good mental health in young people has been emphasised by significant international bodies in recent years. This review aimed to identify which school-based mental health prevention and early intervention programs have been shown to be most effective, and the characteristics that drive efficacy and sustainability. Twenty-six programs (of 74 reviewed programs) were identified for implementation in Australian schools based on availability, demonstrated sustainability and efficacy in promoting student mental health and wellbeing. This offers an opportunity to target resources and to select programs with strong evidence in the short term as well as sustained outcomes. The reviewers also identified gaps in the evidence which can guide future priorities for research and program design


Berger E, Reupert A, Allen K. School-based prevention and early intervention for student mental health and wellbeing: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Department of Education, 2020.

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