Key behavioural risk factors for cancer include alcohol, poor diet and lack of physical activity. This review aimed to identify primary prevention interventions which are effective in increasing adults’ adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviours including reducing alcohol consumption, increasing physical activity, increasing healthy eating, and reducing overweight and obesity. It looked at both those interventions which demonstrate effectiveness and those which are promising but may not yet be fully evaluated. A range of interventions which have been successfully implemented were found along with a number of emerging interventions yet to be evaluated. Further evidence is needed related to migrant and CALD populations.


Harris MF, Fatema K, Spooner C, Harris-Roxas B, Mahimbo A, Barr M, Sitas F. Review of effectiveness of certain healthy lifestyle interventions to reduce alcohol consumption, increase levels of physical activity and healthy eating and reduce overweight and obesity (2014-2019). An Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the Cancer Institute NSW, 2019.

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