This review examined the evidence for the association between dietary fat consumption and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Commissioned by the National Heart Foundation of Australia, the review looked at CVD incidence, outcomes for people with existing CVD, and the effectiveness of manipulating dietary fat intake for managing hypercholesterolemia. The reviewers also looked specifically at the evidence regarding dairy intake and coconut oil intake. The findings suggest that whole diet changes are optimal for heart disease protection. The combined evidence from all the included studies suggest eating less meat and snack-derived saturated fat and replacing it with a mix of wholegrains, unsaturated fat spreads and cooking/dipping oils and nuts. The reviewers note that saturated fat should not be replaced by carbohydrate in general but by polyunsaturated fat, then monounsaturated fat, then by wholegrains and high fibre carbohydrate.


Clifton P, Keogh J.

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