HARC, the Health Alliance for Research Collaboration, is a state-wide network of researchers, health managers, clinicians and policy makers, which aims to improve health and hospital services through research.

The HARC e-Bulletin is a monthly update of the latest influential national and international reviews, research and reports. It covers topics of direct relevance to current and emerging healthcare policy issues in Australia.

HARC e-Bulletin Issue 8

HARC Issue 8 Cover

March 2009. Topics include new evidence for acute geriatric units, a surgical checklist shown to reduce deaths and complications that is being implemented across the NHS, and processes to improve post-acute care such as discharge planning and telephone follow-up care. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 8 (PDF 101 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 7

HARC eBulletin Issue 7 Cover

December 2008. Topics include end-of-life care, midwifery-led care, and monitoring the safety and quality of the health system. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 7 (PDF 116 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 6

HARC eBulletin Issue 6 Cover

September 2008. Topics include health service performance report cards, pay-for-performance, the role of evidence in policy making, and the impact of developments in IT on hospital efficiency. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 6 (PDF 257 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 5

HARC eBulletin Issue 5 Cover

June 2008. Topics include turnaround time in NSW emergency departments, preventing falls in hospitals, personally controlled online health data, and Beyond the blame game, the first report from the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission. Download the HARC e-Bulletin Issue 5 (PDF 203 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 4

HARC eBulletin Issue 4 Cover

March 2008. Topics include how to successfully publish your research, prescribing errors, new research opportunities, and a new Productivity Commission report on government services. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 4 (PDF 185 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 3

HARC eBulletin Issue 3 Cover

December 2007. Topics include stroke care, hospital care costs for older people, a new NSW Health report on nurses and patient safety, and improving alertness and performance in emergency departments. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 3 (PDF 157 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 2

HARC eBulletin Issue 2 Cover

September 2007. Topics include falls prevention, hand hygiene, the June 2007 The State of Our Public Hospitals report and the new National Health and Medical Research Council code on responsible research practices. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 2 (PDF 87 KB)


HARC e-Bulletin Issue 1

June 2007. Topics include a summary of the first HARC Forum, information about HARC-brokered research projects, the NSW State Health Plan and the second Intergenerational Report. Download HARC e-Bulletin Issue 1 (PDF 88 KB)