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Boom in home-delivered alcohol opens the door to underage drinking

Media release: 13 October 2021. A rapid expansion in online liquor delivery services is making it easier for minors to obtain alcohol, due to regulatory holes and non-compliance with legal requirements, say the authors of a study published today. Reporting in Public Health Research & Practice, a peer-reviewed journal...


Making the tough decisions: what it will mean to live with COVID

Media release: 8 September 2021. Patchy uptake of COVID-19 vaccines across cities and regions means Australia’s public health measures are likely to continue well into next year, with a leading epidemiologist predicting the country will achieve tolerable disease control by early 2022. Writing in Public Health Research & Practice,...


Big Alcohol flouts its own rules on social media marketing to children

Media release: 28 July 2021. Some of Australia’s largest alcohol companies are allowing children to access their marketing on popular social networking sites such as Instagram, contravening the industry’s own requirements, new research finds. The study, published today in Public Health Research & Practice, a peer-reviewed journal of the...


Health impacts neglected in major infrastructure planning

Media release: 9 June 2021. Health impacts of major transport projects are too often glossed over during the planning phases, allowing issues such as air and noise pollution, residents’ mental health and impact on children’s health to escape the scrutiny they deserve, according to the authors of a new...


Indigenous leaders call for an end to racism in the health system

Media release: 10 March 2021. Deep-seated resistance to addressing institutional and systemic racism in our health system is thwarting progress towards improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, say Indigenous leaders in an important paper published today. The authors of the Perspective, published in...


Booming mosquito populations and biblical bat deaths: what to expect for Australia’s increasingly hot summers

Media release: 9 December 2020. Increasingly frequent extreme weather events due to climate change are throwing up some unexpected health challenges, exemplified by two papers published in a new issue of the journal Public Health Research & Practice. In one paper in the Sax Institute’s peer-reviewed journal, Dr Cameron...


COVID-19: new research reveals impacts to healthcare services

empty waiting room with social distancing enforced

Media release: 9 December 2020. The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the provision of health services in NSW, reducing activity across many areas in ways that could have longer-term consequences on people’s health, new research shows. The study, published in the Sax...


Sax Institute honours research with real-world impact

Research Action Award winners

Media Release: 25 November 2020. Two public health researchers who have achieved high impact in areas as diverse as obesity prevention in Australian children and improving the death certification process in the developing world have been honoured in the Sax Institute’s Research Action Awards tonight. It’s the sixth time...


PHRP Awards recognise outstanding public health research that makes a difference

Media release: 11 November 2020. The awards celebrate outstanding papers that have recently been published in the Sax Institute’s open-access, peer-reviewed, quarterly online journal, Public Health Research & Practice. An influential research paper on the “revolving door” between government and the alcohol, food and gambling industries and another on a...


SURE brochure for data custodians

Why choose SURE flyer thumbnail

Fact sheet: SURE – The Secure Unified Research Environment – is an Australian-first technology initiative established by the Sax Institute to promote efficient research of major health issues such as population ageing and chronic disease. Learn how, as a data custodian, you can use SURE to securely make your...