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Some veggies each day keeps the stress blues away: new research

Media release: 16 March 2017. Women who eat their veggies at lower risk of psychological stress Eating three to four serves of vegetables daily is associated with a lower incidence of psychological stress, new research by University of Sydney scholars reveals. Published today in the British Medical Journal Open,...


Landmark report sets out roadmap to tackle obesity and unhealthy diets

Logo for the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre for chronic disease prevention

Media release: 20 February 2017. A landmark Australian Prevention Partnership Centre study involving more than 100 nutrition and policy experts from 53 organisations across the country has identified critical action areas for Australian governments to tackle the rise of obesity through unhealthy diets – now one of the leading...


Communicating health risks in a post-truth world

Media release: 15 February 2017 Public officials faced with the tough task of communicating risk on contentious issues like vaccination or fluoridation – where the actual risk is low but public concern remains high – need to show that they care, demonstrate that they are taking action and strategically...


Evaluate flyer

Evaluate is a Sax Institute program designed to help decision makers understand the value, impact and outcome of their policies and programs. It helps address real-world challenges by providing independent, trusted and rigorous evaluation advice and services. Download Evaluate flyer (PDF 204 KB)


Key cardiovascular risk factors for Chinese Australians uncovered

Melody Ding presents 45 and Up Study findings on CVD risk

Media release: 16 January 2017. Diabetes, smoking and physical inactivity have been uncovered as the key cardiovascular disease risk factors for Chinese Australians according to important new research from the largest ongoing study of healthy ageing in Australia, the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study. Researchers from the School...


Gastric acid suppressants linked to hospitalisation

Media release: 12 January 2017. New research has found a link between popular heartburn drugs and an increase in the risk of infectious gastroenteritis — an illness that results in 13.1 million lost days of work in Australia a year. The study led by The Australian National University (ANU)...


Heart attack risk doubled in Australians with less education

An erratum to this paper was published on 12 January 2017 in the International Journal for Equity in Health, clarifying that myocardial infarction incidence rates were found to be around 150% higher and not around 250% higher. The erratum can be accessed here.   Media release: 16 December 2016....


Exotic mosquitoes a clear and present Zika and dengue danger for Australians

Media release: 14 December 2016. Australia may be at risk of a widespread outbreak of Zika or dengue unless more is done to prevent the establishment of exotic mosquitoes that can carry these diseases in the country, according to a paper published today in the Sax Institute’s Public Health...


NHMRC funding boost for largest ongoing study of urban Aboriginal child health

Media release: 3 December 2016. Australia’s largest and longest-running study of the health and wellbeing of urban Aboriginal children is set to continue its successful work as a platform to help close the Indigenous health gap thanks to a Federal Government five-year funding commitment announced today. The Study of...


Research with real-world impact celebrated in Sydney

Research Action Award winners

Media release: 30 November 2016. Researchers focused on making a real-world impact on vaccine safety, maternal and reproductive health, and strengthening the Medicare system have swept the boards at the Sax Institute’s Research Action Awards, presented today in Sydney. “The commitment of researchers who are passionate about making a...