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Online consent could strengthen vaccination programs in schools

Media release: 14 June 2018. Vaccination programs in schools to maximise the numbers of pupils protected against dangerous diseases could be strengthened by allowing consent to be lodged online instead of through paper forms, and by ensuring schools do a better job of coordinating the immunisations. A paper in...


Refugees and asylum seekers need better continuity of care to deal with complex health needs

Media release: 15 March 2018. Many refugees who are living in the Australian community are missing out on appropriate healthcare due to problems such as fragmented services and poor continuity of care, according to a series of papers in Public Health Research & Practice, published by the Sax Institute,...


Public wants better labels on unhealthy foods

Media release: 7 December 2017. Regulations to improve food labelling have strong public support, with almost 80% of people surveyed supporting the introduction of better labels on unhealthy foods such as those that are high in sugar, salt and fat. In a survey of 2474 adults in NSW, Cancer...


NSW health researchers celebrated for work that is having a real-world impact

Patricia Cullen

Media release: 21 November 2017. Researchers whose work is having a real impact on the ground – in areas as diverse as alcohol-related violence and supporting people to gain driver licences – are being celebrated today at the Sax Institute’s 2017 Research Action Awards, presented in Sydney. “These awards...


45 and Up: 240 findings to improve health and health services

Professor Ian Frazer

Media release: 24 October 2017. The Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study* is Australia’s largest health study, which is following the health of more than a quarter of a million NSW men and women. The annual 45 and Up Study Annual Forum New futures: innovative uses for Australia’s largest...


Indigenous Australians achieve major progress in reducing smoking, but tobacco’s lethal legacy remains

Media release: 11 October 2017. The number of smoking-related deaths among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is predicted to continue to increase, and to peak over the next decade, resulting in thousands of premature deaths that are largely preventable. In a paper in the latest edition of the...


45 and Up Study opens door to genetic answers on bipolar disorder with new $2.46m project

Media release: 5 September 2017. An innovative research project using the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study has been awarded a $2.46 million genomics funding grant by the NSW Government to improve understanding of the genetics of bipolar disorder in order to drive better future treatments for patients. Researchers from...


Balance urged in cancer screening to avoid health pitfalls of ‘one size fits all’ approach

Media release: 26 July 2017. Experts have called for a rethink of cancer screening in the light of improved understanding of the complications and consequent poorer outcomes that can result from overdiagnosis of some cancers. In a series of articles published today in the Sax Institute’s Public Health Research &...


Chronic disease prevention research receives significant budget funding boost

Logo for the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre for chronic disease prevention

Media release: 9 May 2017 Australia’s efforts to prevent chronic disease have received a significant boost tonight with the Federal Government’s Budget announcement of a $10 million investment in The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre based at the Sax Institute. “We welcome the Federal Government’s significant commitment through the Medical...


Dysfunctional mental health system urgently needs much more than money: Ian Hickie

Media release: 27 March 2017. One of Australia’s leading authorities on mental health has challenged the sector to reform what he says is a dysfunctional system instead of just seeking additional funding to “paper over the cracks and support ineffective programs”. In an editorial in the latest edition of...