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A window into the world of out-of-home care

Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study

A unique longitudinal study in NSW is building a gold standard data asset about children in out-of-home care. Ten grants, worth up to $30,000 each, are available for policy-relevant research projects using the dataset. According to the latest government figures, nearly 50,000 Australian children are currently in what’s known...


How researchers and policy makers can work better together

Dr Anna Williamson

The past decade has seen an upsurge of interest in the ways that researchers can partner with policy agencies to help them craft more effective public health policies. Although these partnerships are one of the keys to ensuring that policy is underpinned by research evidence, they are often difficult...


Can physical activity offset the health risks of too much sitting?

Office worker sitting at desk

Media Release: Tuesday 23 April 2019. In findings that could relieve desk-bound office workers, a weekly dose of at least 150 minutes of physical activity could substantially reduce or offset the mortality risks in ‘high sitters’, according to new research using data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up...


Pilot study tests new way to study healthcare

Media Release: Friday 12 April 2019. The Sax Institute has launched a Pilot Study to test the feasibility of collecting health information from people who receive healthcare services across the public and private sectors. The Health Insight Pilot Study is inviting a sample of people holding private health insurance...


Study links breastfeeding with lower risk of heart disease in Australian mums

Media release: 19 March 2019. Mothers who breastfed are 34 percent less likely to die of heart disease Mothers who breastfeed their babies have a lower risk of developing or dying from heart disease than those who don’t breastfeed, finds new research from the University of Sydney. Published in...


Patients missing out on medication reviews

Media Release: 15 March 2019 The vast majority of older patients on multiple medications are not having their medicines properly reviewed – increasing the risk of dangerous drug reactions and overdoses – according to new research using data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study. The new study...


Health risk or benefit? How the supermarket Health Star Rating system stacks up

5 Star Health Rating

Media release: 6 March 2019. Nutrition experts are calling for an overhaul of Australia’s Health Star Rating system – a voluntary front-of-pack labelling scheme that rates the nutritional value of packaged food – claiming it is actually doing the opposite of what was intended and is promoting food high...


New research shows how to get preschoolers more active

Media release: 6 March 2019. What is the best way to keep young kids physically active at home? In good news for parents with limited outside space, new Australian research shows that it’s not necessarily the size of your backyard that matters. Rather, it’s fixed equipment – things like...


Australia unprepared for climate change impact on allergies


Media release: 6 December 2018. The review in the latest issue of Public Health Research & Practice, published by the Sax Institute, looks at studies since 2000 relating to climate change, allergens and allergy. It includes recent research from Europe and North America that finds higher temperatures and more...


Celebrating research that makes a real-world difference

Media release: 28 November 2018. Three Australian researchers whose work has had a significant impact on healthcare policy and delivery have been honoured in the Sax Institute’s 2018 Research Action Awards. This year’s award winners have made a tangible difference in areas as diverse as the prevention and care...