Knowledge mobilisation was nominated as a theme in our first Sax Forum discussions and following subsequent consultation we have decided our focus is co-production. Our objective is to develop shared outputs such as papers and resources.

In 2022 there will be a dedicated Public Health Research & Practice issue on co-production and we will hold an event in July for authors to present their findings.

We are also planning two workshops focused on co-production research in Aboriginal communities. The workshops on working collaboratively in Aboriginal health research will bring together the co-production and EMCR initiatives.

Past event

The co-production initiative was launched in March 2021 with a stimulating presentation from Professor Nick Mays of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and an interesting discussion with participants to begin identifying critical issues to improve practice in co-production.

Participants identified some resources that are useful when engaging in co-production:


Please contact the Sax lead for this initiative, Sian Rudge, or Amanda Dominello if you would like more information about the co-production initiative.