The Sax Institute works with Members in many different ways, from collaborative research and training, to commissioned reviews and the annual Research Action Awards.

The Sax Forum was launched in 2020 to help the Sax Institute and its Members connect and develop further collaborative opportunities.

Sax Forum Initiatives

The Sax Forum will support collaborative initiatives that will share opportunities and expertise across the Forum. Members have proposed several areas for focus, and we are exploring two initiatives to begin: supporting Early- and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCRs) and Co-production. A new initiative on disruptive ideas/thought leadership is being planned to commence in July 2021 to explore paradigm shifting ideas from research and complex problems from policy.

Sax Forum Calendar

In addition to the Sax Forum initiatives, we are planning a series of talks from research funders and policy agencies who want to partner with researchers. And in November 2021, we will host our annual Research Action Awards. Please see our calendar for meeting and event information.


We would be really pleased to hear from Members about other issues or collaborations that you would like to see on the Sax Forum agenda. If you would like information about the Sax Forum, please either contact Amanda Dominello [email protected] or the Sax leaders listed on the initiative pages.

Not a Member yet? Learn more about becoming a Member of the Sax Institute, or contact Amanda Dominello [email protected] for more information.