The Sax Institute works with Members in many different ways, from research and training, to commissioned reviews.

The Sax Forum was launched in 2020 to help the Sax Institute and its Members connect, share expertise and develop further collaborative opportunities.

Sax Forum: plans for 2022

This year we will continue our work on the Early- and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCRs) initiative, starting with a session on cohort data and environmental health research.

A workshop series on Aboriginal health research is planned for the co-production initiative as well as a dedicated Public Health Research & Practice issue on co-production.

Research translation is a new focus of the Sax Forum in 2022. We plan to host symposia about research translation in collaboration with the NSW Ministry for Health that will include a keynote presentation and local case studies.

This year we are planning several meetings on ‘Policy priorities for research’. The research priorities for policy agencies focused on mental health and rural health will be addressed first. The purpose will be to understand the research needs and to form connections and collaborations.

Sax Sonar is another new Sax Forum initiative that will highlight research that may have relevance for policy, programs, or service provision in the medium and longer term. This might include emerging research of significance (particularly paradigm shifts and major new directions rather than individual studies) and opportunities to improve service delivery through better implementation of what is known (evidence to service gaps).

And in response to the discussion at the 2021 Sax Colloquium, we have initiated work to consider how to strengthen health services research.

Finally, this year we will deliver two annual events for our Members. The Research Action Awards to celebrate the achievements of EMCRs and the Sax Colloquium to review the year and to consider priorities for the work of the Institute and for the Sax Forum will be held in the second half of 2022.

Sax Forum Calendar

The Sax Forum calendar lists our event and meetings and will be updated as dates are confirmed.


We would be really pleased to hear from Members about other issues or collaborations that you would like to see on the Sax Forum agenda. If you would like information about the Sax Forum, please either contact Amanda Dominello the Sax leaders listed on the initiative pages.


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