Regional cataract surgery rates improve but inequality persists

Senior Patient Consulting Female Doctor

Cataract surgery rates are improving in inland NSW but still lag behind those in coastal areas, according to new research that uses 45 and Up Study data to map cataract surgery across the state. The research looked at data from more than 200,000 Study participants between the years 2007 and 2016. It found that over … Read more

Innovative ways to tackle opioid addiction


The recent seizure of 11 kilograms of the opioid drug fentanyl – the largest amount ever detected in Australia, equivalent to 5.5 million doses – is a powerful reminder of opioid addiction and illicit opioid use in Australia. The Sax Institute is helping policymakers in NSW address the issue with research into innovative approaches to … Read more

Future-proofing our health care with health services research

Health services research has a long history of delivering findings that make an important contribution to shaping policies, programs and services. Australia is currently facing extraordinary challenges in providing health and aged care services with the pressures of COVID-19, the rising cost of medicines and treatments, and the growing needs of an ageing population. At … Read more

Regional level modelling of patient catchment areas 

Primary Aim:To develop patient catchment areas and models based on these areas for prioritisingresource allocation that could inform for example Medicare Locals and other servicedelivery organisations how to best target their services based on population needObjectives:• To examine the geography of care-seeking behaviour, through developing patientcatchment areas• To measure the variation in health care need, … Read more

Eye health in adult population in NSW – findings from a large scale cohort study

This study seeks to investigate the modifiable risk factors for age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts treated surgically. Due to a lack of clarity regarding the association between physical activity and eye disease, the study will focus on the investigation of this association in particular. Specific study objectives include 1) Investigation of the environmental and … Read more

Does continuity of primary care reduce demand on emergency department presentations and hospital admissions?

This project aims to evaluate the influence of patterns of primary care contact on ED visits and potentially preventable hospitalisations for patients with a range of national priority chronic complex conditions, including diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. The project uses a range of administrative data collections from NSW linked to … Read more