What the 45 and Up Study told us in 2023

Senior women laughing happily while having tea together. Group of elderly friends enjoying their summer vacation at a spa resort. Three mature women enjoying themselves.

Researchers have used the 45 and Up Study, Australia’s largest ongoing study of health and ageing, to produce ground-breaking papers on important health issues. Here are some of the highlights from 2023: AI predicts risk of dying from survey responses The risk of someone dying or being hospitalised from cardiovascular disease can now be predicted … Read more

Appropriateness of access and utilisation of diabetes-related healthcare esources and impact on complications

This project will evaluate the appropriateness of access and utilisation of diabetes healthcare resources and impact on complications, specifically:* Examine utilisation of primary care services* Assess individual pathways of diabetes-related care* Compare individual pathways of diabetes-related care according to clinical practice guidelines* Quantify diabetes-related complications* Investigate individual pathways of care and the associated with diabetes-related … Read more