Appropriateness of access and utilisation of diabetes-related healthcare esources and impact on complications

This project will evaluate the appropriateness of access and utilisation of diabetes healthcare resources and impact on complications, specifically:* Examine utilisation of primary care services* Assess individual pathways of diabetes-related care* Compare individual pathways of diabetes-related care according to clinical practice guidelines* Quantify diabetes-related complications* Investigate individual pathways of care and the associated with diabetes-related … Read more

Study reveals risk of isolation with type 2 diabetes diagnosis

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes not only takes a toll on physical health, but leads to poorer quality of life and an increased risk of social isolation, new findings from the 45 and Up Study have revealed. Dr Xiaoqi Feng and Associate Professor Thomas Astell-Burt from the Population Wellbeing and Environment Research Lab (PowerLab), … Read more