Cardiovascular disease risk prediction using machine learning

To assess whether machine learning can improve CVD risk prediction, compared to traditional statistical methods and to identify the minimum informative set of self-reported questionnaire data that can accurately predict CVD outcome events in the Australian 45 and Up Study.

Heart attack survivors fall through medicine cracks

stock photo close up view old woman holding bottle pouring out pills

Less than one-third of people who survive a heart attack are taking protective medications 12 months later, according to new Australian research based on data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study. Researchers from the George Institute in Sydney analysed medication use in 14,200 people who were hospitalised for a first heart attack, focusing … Read more

New research opportunities awarded to cardiovascular researchers

The Sax Institute, NSW Cardiovascular Research Network (CVRN), and Heart Foundation have announced the winners of five new prestigious opportunities to conduct cardiovascular research. Each opportunity is valued at well over $20,000 and provides early to mid-career researchers with access to the 45 and Up Study to power new research into cardiovascular disease. Eighteen highly-competitive … Read more