The proposed research capitalises on a unique opportunity provided by the 45 and Up
Study, the largest population cohort study in the Southern Hemisphere. The 45 and Up
Study is recruiting 250,000 people aged 45 and over; participants complete a baseline
Application ID 402810
questionnaire about health, lifestyle and health care and consent to linkage of their self
report data to population datasets on health and health service use. This application
proposes to add value to the 45 and Up cohort by collecting additional information from a
sub-sample to enable detailed investigation of Social, Economic and Environmental
Factors (SEEF). The goal will be to provide the first integrated analysis of the impact
of social, economic and environmental factors on the health of Australians in mid to
later life in order to identify critical intervention points for preventing disease and
ameliorating disadvantage, ill health and morbidity in older Australians .