Investigators: Prof Julie Byles, Prof Hal Kendig (CI), Dr Gita Mishra, Dr Kate O’Loughlin, Prof James Nazroo.

The rise of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are combining with the rapid ageing of the population to create a major health challenge for the coming decades. Understanding health risks and protective factors over the life course of the baby boom cohort will inform public health programs to prevent and respond to chronic disease and other major health challenges.

This study’s first aim is to determine opportunities for intervention from early to later life to prevent chronic diseases, depression and selected cancers. The researchers will also investigate socioeconomic and behavioural factors as risks and protections in the development of chronic disease, and endeavour to identify major health differentials in the life course of men, women and other social groups in the cohort. Finally, health histories and outcomes for the baby boom cohorts in Australia and the UK will be compared.