Investigators:  Dr Magnolia Carona-Morrel, Ms Eimir Hurley, Associate Prof Rachael Moorin, Associate Prof David Preen, Dr Yeqin Zuo.

NPS delivers several national QUM and Quality Use of Diagnostic tests programs per year. NPS routinely evaluates the effect of its programs on health professional knowledge and attitudes (through survey) and prescribing and referral practice (through analysing PBS and MBS data), but has not previously assessed association of its programs with health outcomes. Within the limitations of observational and ecological studies, access to the 45 and Up Study linked datasets will enable NPS to examine the association between selected programs and (gross) measures of health outcome (hospitalisation and death). Project outputs will inform NPS program development and therefore medicines advice to prescribers.

The project seeks to estimate the NPS program ‘Antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy in stroke prevention (2009)’ impact on selected health outcomes (hospitalisation and death) using linked 45 and Up Study survey, MBS, PBS, hospitalisations and death data.