Investigators: Dr Barbara-Ann Adelstein, Dr Maria Arriaga, Prof Emily Banks, Prof Julie Byles, A/Prof Karen Canfell, Prof Robert Cumming, Prof Graham Giles, Ms Janet Grant, Dr Maarit Laaksonen (CI), Dr Robert MacInnis, A/Prof Dianna Magliano, Prof Paul Mitchell, A/Prof Jonathan Shaw, A/Prof Claire Vajdic.

Cancer attributable to behavioural lifestyle factors is preventable, thus modifications in lifestyle will have a large impact in reducing the cancer burden in Australia and worldwide. It is established that lifestyle interventions are the most cost-effective alternative for preventing cancer. Some lifestyle-related risk factors have been suggested to have a probable role in causing cancer, but more evidence on their strength and population-level relevance based on individual and pooled large-scale studies is necessary to understand the main preventable causes of cancer and direct interventions towards them, in order to set priorities for cancer prevention in each country.

This project aims to provide novel evidence-based data on the fraction of different cancers attributable to lifestyle-related risk factors in Australians. This project will also provide information on whether individuals with certain characteristics are more vulnerable to these risk factors.