Investigators: Prof David Goldstein, Prof Andrew Lloyd, Dr Efty Stavrou (CI), A/Prof Claire Vajdic, Dr Kate Webber.

In Australia, the number of new cancer cases is expected to increase with the ageing population. Due to improvements in cancer detection and modes of treatment, cancer survivorship numbers are increasing. Healthcare needs of this population therefore warrant systematic investigation.

The overall objective of the program is to evaluate the impact of selected cancer diagnoses on the lifestyle behaviours, comorbidity and other health outcomes of adult survivors up to 10 years post-diagnosis. This project will assist to determine physical and psychosocial needs for cancer survivors beyond their critical cancer care. Specifically, investigators will examine the long-term health service needs, lifestyle behaviours and functional outcomes of cancer survival sub-groups and how these differ to those without a history of cancer. The project will investigate any disparity in health burden among cancer survivors, including survivors from Australian and non-Australian ancestry. The associated financial costs to the community and the out-of-pocket expenses to the individual for the provision of ongoing health services not related to critical cancer care will be studied. This work aims to make a substantial contribution to understanding the long-term health and lifestyle behaviours of cancer patients and provide evidence to support healthcare planning for individual patients and health systems in the future.