Investigators: A/Prof Erica James, Dr Natalie Johnson, Prof Ronald Plotnikoff, Ms Camille Short (CI).

Physical activity (PA) and weight management programs have been identified as promising approaches for tertiary prevention because they can help address both the physical and psychological burdens associated with chronic illness. However, little is known about the unique correlates of PA, prolonged sitting time and weight status in chronic disease groups and whether or not they significantly differ between the various chronic disease groups and the non-chronic disease population.

The purpose of this study is to examine the correlates of physical activity, prolonged sitting time and weight status in individuals with chronic disease (cancer, diabetes, heart disease) compared to the non-chronic disease 45 and up study population. Baseline data from the 45 and up study will be the focus of the analysis. Self-reports of PA behaviour, demographics, health behaviours, health status, social support and mental health will be utilised in regression analyses.