EXTEND45 will establish a unique large chronic disease population cohort by integrating previously under-utilized clinical data from private pathology companies with multiple administrative datasets. The aims of this research are:
A. Establish a seminal community chronic disease cohort (using diabetes and CKD as examples)
B. Demonstrate the feasibility of linkage of the 45 and Up Study dataset to private pathology datasets.
C. Define prevalence of diabetes and CKD and their comorbidities in community dwelling middle-aged and older Australian adults.
D. Evaluate the associations between demographic, lifestyle and socioeconomic risk factors and chronic diseases
E. Examine processes of care for diabetes and CKD including relationships between the use of primary and tertiary health services, attainment of clinical targets, and the use of health services.
F. Compare the characteristics of 45 and Up participants with and without pathology records.
G. Define an affordable means of identifying and following up large community dwelling chronic disease cohorts.