45 and Up Study used in world-first research on cancer and pain

Pain is one of the most feared symptoms of cancer, but little research has been done on how cancer survivors experience it. A novel research project has done just that, using the unique data resources of the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study – one of the world’s largest studies into healthy ageing. The research … Read more

Healthy lifestyle in 60s linked to avoiding aged care when older

Having a healthy lifestyle in your 60s is linked to a dramatically lower risk entering a nursing home in later life,according to new research from Sydney University using data from the 45 and Up Study. The study of 125,000 Australians aged 60 years or older, published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, found … Read more

How AI can predict cardiovascular risk from survey responses

Medical technology concept image.

The risk of someone dying from cardiovascular disease can now be predicted by artificial intelligence (AI) using survey responses, according to new research using the 45 and Up Study. The research from the University of New South Wales, published in the International Journal of Cardiology, may lead to the development of risk prediction tools that … Read more