Who we are and what we do

The Sax Institute’s Decision Analytics team harnesses the latest technologies and methods to develop adaptable decision support tools that forecast the impact of alternative decision options before they are implemented in the real world.

We work in partnership with government departments, policy agencies and program planners in health and social sectors, applying computer simulation and other technologies to provide decision makers with a low-risk way of understanding which combinations of interventions are likely to be the most effective over time.

Decision analytics applies a unique participatory approach to developing the models, providing better transparency of models and their assumptions, and enabling us to distil evidence, data and real-world knowledge in a way that captures the complex and dynamic nature of our most challenging health and social problems. In bringing together researchers with the end users and deeply engaging them in the process of developing these tools, our models incorporate insights from policy and practice, and are driven by policy priorities.

Our models are being used to support decisions at many levels to improve population health and wellbeing.

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