45 and Up COVID Insights is a program of research recently launched by the Sax Institute to learn more about the impacts on health and wellbeing from COVID-19.

With more than 60,000 participants invited to join the survey series 45 and Up COVID Insights will create a powerful and responsive resource to guide policy and practice over the coming months and years.

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How does 45 and Up COVID Insights work?

Stock image: a senior citizen sits alone on her bed with a respirator or surgical mask stock
45 and Up COVID Insights will provide a snapshot of the health and wellbeing of older Australians during the pandemic.

This research project uses the existing cohort of the 45 and Up Study in a novel way to answer important COVID-19 questions.

As part of this, more than 60,000 participants from the Study are being invited to participate in a series of short online surveys.. The surveys will take only about ten minutes to do and will be rolled out over the next 10 months, with the first survey starting in November 2020.

The approach is unique in that the themes and topics for each survey are being developed collaboratively with key stakeholders in NSW Health.
This approach will ensure that the information being collected is useful to meet the evolving and changing information needs of decision makers.


Results will be available within 3 weeks of the close of each survey. Decision makers and stakeholders in NSW Health will have rapid access to the findings from each survey to support decision making.

The long-term benefits

The research program includes plans to establish an enduring data asset which will include linkage of 45 and Up Study data to state and commonwealth administrative data sets (including NSW Notifiable Conditions data).

This research program will aid understanding of the health trajectory and health system use of study participants.

It will also facilitate longer term understanding of the broader impacts of the pandemic.

What’s next?

The first of the short COVID surveys began on 2 November 2020 and will close on 20 December 2020.

The next short COVID survey is expected to go out in February 2020


Funding was awarded through the NSW Health COVID Research Grants Round 1. Find out more about the NSW government’s COVID-19 research grants here.

45 and Up COVID Insights has benefitted from advice and guidance from the following collaborators:

  • Dr Julia Steinberg, Cancer Council NSW
  • Associate Professor Jill Newby, University of New South Wales
  • Dr Marianne Weber, Cancer Council NSW
  • Professor Dianne O’Connell, Cancer Council NSW
  • Professor Kirsten McCaffery, University of Sydney
  • Professor Julie Leask, University of Sydney
  • Professor Raina MacIntyre, University of New South Wales
  • Professor Catherine D’Este, Australian National University
  • Associate Professor Melody Ding, University of Sydney
  • Professor Bette Liu, University of New South Wales
  • Professor Julie Redfern, University of Sydney

For more information about the 45 and Up Study, click here.