A drink a day won’t keep cancer at bay

Young woman refuses alcohol

16 November 2020. The link between alcohol and cancer is the subject of an important new research paper using data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study – and the findings are disturbing to say the least. The authors found not only that regular alcohol consumption confers a...


Childhood obesity prevention is hard – but here’s one program that has worked

12 November 2020. Around a quarter of NSW children are either obese or overweight, according to NSW Health – a shocking statistic which is likely to be replicated across the country. And while we’ve long known what we need to do to combat the problem – get kids to...


PHRP Awards: how the lobbying industry can be bad for our health

Feet of a man walking in revolving door stock photo

12 November 2020. The steady flow of politicians and government staffers switching sides to lobby for powerful food, alcohol and gambling companies poses a serious threat to public health, according to the authors of what has just been named Best Paper in the Sax Institute’s annual Public Health Research...


PHRP Awards recognise outstanding public health research that makes a difference

Media release: 11 November 2020. The awards celebrate outstanding papers that have recently been published in the Sax Institute’s open-access, peer-reviewed, quarterly online journal, Public Health Research & Practice. An influential research paper on the “revolving door” between government and the alcohol, food and gambling industries and another on a...


Rapid-response surveys set to provide a powerful resource for COVID-19 research

Senior man sitting outside drinking coffee and using a laptop

17 November 2020. The Sax Institute has invited a further 60,000 NSW residents participating in the 45 and Up Study to share their health experiences during the pandemic, with new fast-turnaround surveys that will help answer some of the most pressing questions about the impact of COVID-19. Funded by...


Managing withdrawal from drugs and alcohol: what works best?

23 September 2020. With almost one in six Australians drinking at risky levels and 3.4 million of us reporting use of an illicit substance in 2019, it’s clear that dependence on alcohol and other drugs is a societal problem of huge dimensions.


What is driving higher suicide rates in older people?

daughter showing to mother her new apartment

21 September 2020. Since 2013, suicide rates in Australia have continued to rise, and the increase has been particularly marked in men over the age of 45. New research using data from the 45 and Up Study is shedding some light on the way employment and the transition to...


How to make anti-smoking campaigns more persuasive

21 September 2020. From the iconic 1979 “sponge” advertisement to “every cigarette is doing you damage” – unforgettable tobacco control campaigns have put a sizeable dent in Australian smoking rates. But as smoking persists in our communities, how can today’s mass-media campaigns portray the harms of smoking and convince...


Systematically capturing what the pandemic can teach us will support long-term health system change

Examining sample with microscope

20 September 2020. This opinion piece by Professor Sally Redman, CEO of the Sax Institute, and Professor Don Nutbeam, senior adviser to the Sax Institute, and professor of public health at the University of Sydney, was first published in The Mandarin. These are difficult times to be in government,...


Experts call for renewed anti-smoking push as 1.6 million Australian smokers face early death, social costs soar

Media release: 9 September 2020. Australia risks losing its momentum on tobacco control after decades of policy successes in the area, cancer experts warn, with government investment in mass media campaigns falling to about one-fifth of the amount spent a decade ago, even as evidence on the harms of...