For older women with heart disease, depression is a barrier to better health

Profile of a fed up mature Asian woman.

19 December 2019. Depression is preventing middle-aged women with hypertension or heart disease from taking up healthier lifestyles, according to new research based on data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study.


A long-term vision for Australian cognitive health research

11 December 2019. This is part of a series of articles showcasing Sax Institute members, and the diverse range of research that’s informing future health policy and practice. Professor Kaarin Anstey, Director of the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration, and the UNSW Ageing Futures Institute, is moving cognitive health research...


PHRP journal celebrates five years of outstanding health research

Image of five cupcakes with sparkler candles in them. They are brightly coloured and sitting on a cake stand in front of a blue background.

11 December 2019. The Sax Institute’s journal Public Health Research & Practice (PHRP) is turning five – and what a half decade it’s been, publishing peer-reviewed papers that have a real-world impact.


Why we need to rethink Aboriginal childhood obesity: Q&A with Simone Sherriff

Image of Simon Sherriff

4 December 2019. Rates of obesity are high among Aboriginal children, but there’s a lack of policies, guidelines and programs to tackle the issue. Now a new paper published today in the December issue of Public Health Research & Practice is calling for more meaningful engagement with Aboriginal communities...


Dangers of second-hand drinking: teen drinkers at high risk of assault and sexual harassment

The cover image of PHRP Journal's December Issue

4 December 2019. More than 70% of teenage girls who are risky drinkers report unwanted sexual attention from other drinkers – just one of a multitude of harms young people experience from ‘second-hand drinking’, according to new Australian research.


New evidence shines light on mental health of children and young people

A boy sitting on a low concrete fence. He is facing away from the camera and wearing a yellow school back-pack.

28 November 2019. Five new Evidence Checks managed by the Sax Institute are informing Beyond Blue’s ‘Be You’ – an online mental health initiative for schools and early learning services.


Sax Awards showcase research that makes a difference

Kylie Gwynne, Amy Peden, and Melissa Kang are standing together and smiling at the camera. The background is the Sax Institute Logo. The picture was taken at the Research Action Awards 2019 ceremony.

27 November 2019. Three inspiring health researchers have been recognised at the Sax Institute’s 2019 Research Action Awards ceremony, held last night in Sydney.


Health researchers recognised for their real-world impact

Kylie Gwynne, Amy Peden, and Melissa Kang are standing together and smiling at the camera. The background is the Sax Institute Logo.

26 November 2019. Three Australian researchers who have achieved real impact in areas as diverse as dental care for Indigenous communities, unintentional river drownings, and young people’s access to healthcare have been honoured in the Sax Institute’s Research Action Awards tonight.


What does the future of osteoporosis look like? Computer modelling might have the answer

An elderly woman is holding onto her walking frame. Only her hands are in the frame, the background is a leafy green pathway. She is wearing a patterned shirt.

21 November 2019. Researchers at the Sax Institute have used a new ‘what if’ tool to forecast future states of osteoporosis and identify the best interventions for tackling this ‘silent disease.’ 


Why evaluation matters in suicide prevention

A group of young people are sitting in a semi circle and talking.

20 November 2019. The Sax Institute is working with the Victorian Government to evaluate its suicide prevention trials and uncover next steps for this crucial program.