A community-driven approach to Aboriginal health research

11 September 2019. Aboriginal communities have long called for research methods that embrace Aboriginal leadership and challenge traditional researcher-driven approaches. These co-creative partnerships can take time to get right, but a new paper published by Simone Sherriff, PhD student and Project Officer with the Sax Institute’s SEARCH Program, is proving...


Australian women missing out on critical heart disease treatment

10 September 2019. New research based on data from the 45 and Up Study reveals that women hospitalised with a suspected heart attack get poorer treatment compared to men. What’s going on?


Testosterone therapy for postmenopausal women

Mature couple walking on the beach

9 September 2019. A study by the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University reveals important benefits and mild side effects.


Inspiration to innovation: HARC scholar looks at new ways to drive change

Lea Kirkwood, Acting Executive Director of System Transformation, Evaluation and Patient Experience at the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation

29 August 2019. A HARC scholarship is helping Lea Kirkwood tackle a prickly problem for healthcare organisations around the world – when it comes to designing better healthcare, how do we encourage innovation in a notoriously complex system?


Do fewer psychiatric beds mean higher suicide rates? Computer modelling can give us answers

Empty hospital beds.

27 August 2019. A decision support tool developed by the Sax Institute shows how changes in the number of psychiatric beds might impact on suicide rates. And the answers could shed new light on suicide prevention policy.


Heart Foundation recommends that Australians eat less red meat

Image of a knife and fork slicing a thick cooked steak.

21 August 2019. The Heart Foundation has recommended a limit on red meat intake following new evidence from a review organised by the Sax Institute into the links between red meat, poultry and heart health.


Meet the research group that’s getting Aussies up and moving

14 August 2019. This is part of a series of articles showcasing Sax Institute members, and the diverse range of research that’s informing future health policy and practice.


$1.2 million grant boosts community-led research into healthy ageing for Indigenous Australians

13 August 2019. The Sax Institute is collaborating with Aboriginal communities on groundbreaking new research into healthy Indigenous ageing, thanks to $1.2 million in funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).


The secret to improving community mental health? More trees please

6 August 2019. Science has some good news for nature lovers: trees really do make us happier.


New ‘what if’ tool sheds light on future of cardiovascular disease

1 August 2019. Researchers at the Sax Institute are using computer simulation to peer into the future of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and forecast the best ways to prevent and treat Australia’s leading cause of death.