45 and Up Study data sheds new light on diabetes complications

stock image of a senior woman taking an insulin injection from a nurse

New research using data from the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study – one of the world’s largest longitudinal studies of healthy ageing – has revealed significant differences in the rates of complications between men and women who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The researchers from the University of Sydney looked at over 25,000 participants … Read more

Scant resources for obesity prevention revealed in new analysis

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A dearth of Australian Government funding for obesity prevention is undermining our ability to promote healthy behaviours and cut healthcare costs, say the authors of a new research paper. The study is published in a special issue of Public Health Research & Practice, a peer-reviewed journal of the Sax Institute, focused on collaborative partnerships for … Read more

Swallowing Awareness Day: Q&A with Professor Bronwyn Hemsley

Bronwyn Hemsley

Falling on March 13 this year, Swallowing Awareness Day is an opportunity to raise awareness around an issue affecting around 1 million Australians. Eating, drinking, and swallowing are all essential activities that we take for granted but can cause significant problems for some people. Swallowing difficulties, or dysphagia, can seriously impact on people’s lives, leading … Read more

Can you walk a kilometre? The question that can predict fracture risk

Senior couple walking in the park

The ability to walk one kilometre can help predict fracture risk in older adults, according to new research using 45 and Up Study data. Research from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, published in JAMA Network Open, found that people who reported greater difficulty walking were more likely to experience a fracture over a five-year period. … Read more

What the 45 and Up Study told us in 2023

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Researchers have used the 45 and Up Study, Australia’s largest ongoing study of health and ageing, to produce ground-breaking papers on important health issues. Here are some of the highlights from 2023: AI predicts cardiovascular risk from survey responses The risk of someone dying or being hospitalised from cardiovascular disease can now be predicted by … Read more

45 and Up Study used in world-first research on cancer and pain

Pain is one of the most feared symptoms of cancer, but little research has been done on how cancer survivors experience it. A novel research project has done just that, using the unique data resources of the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study – one of the world’s largest studies into healthy ageing. The research … Read more