Research translation celebrated at Sydney Showcase

Some of Australia’s leaders in research translation have come together at Sydney Showcase, an event co-hosted by the Sax Institute as part of the NHMRC Research Translation Long Weekend. Held on November 17 at Sydney University and jointly hosted by the Sax Institute along with Sydney Health Partners and Maridulu Budyari Gumal (SPHERE), the in-person … Read more

Teens forgotten in obesity prevention, as a virtual world poses increasing risk

Obesity prevention strategies that target adolescence – a crucial period for developing healthy behaviours – are disjointed, piecemeal and underfunded, and are failing to respond to the added challenges posed by today’s technology-fixated culture, leading adolescent obesity experts warn. In a paper published today in Public Health Research & Practice, a peer-reviewed journal of the … Read more

Examining outcomes in chronic disease in the 45 and Up Study

EXTEND45 will establish a unique large chronic disease population cohort by integrating previously under-utilized clinical data from private pathology companies with multiple administrative datasets. The aims of this research are:A. Establish a seminal community chronic disease cohort (using diabetes and CKD as examples)B. Demonstrate the feasibility of linkage of the 45 and Up Study dataset … Read more

Chronic Conditions Umbrella Linkage (CUPL)

The CUPL is an umbrella linkage project that enables research projects to be set up as sub-studies under the umbrella ethics. Research projects will have project folders within the workspace and be supplied datasets specific to their approval by a data manager. Where additional projects commence and an analyst accessing the data is already on … Read more

The NSW Health Hyperemesis Gravidarum Research Grants Program is now open

Pregnant woman consulting a nurse

Applications are now closed. The NSW Health Hyperemesis Gravidarum Research Grants Program is now open, offering up to $1.2 million for research into severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Hyperemesis gravidarum is the main cause of hospitalisation for women in the first half of pregnancy. Affecting about 1.1% of pregnant women, it usually starts early … Read more

Why dementia researchers are excited about the 45 and Up Study

Our understanding of dementia in Australia is taking a step forward with the help of the 45 and Up Study. For the first time, the Study is being used to investigate the incidence of dementia in Australia, as well as the proportion of dementia that is preventable through modifying risk factors. It’s a development that … Read more