Research Action Awards 2022: Dr Michelle Barakat-Johnson

Dr Barakat-Johnson’s work addresses hospital-acquired pressure injuries – more commonly known as bedsores – which can have a major impact on patient health and wellbeing while also being largely preventable. Her team’s research, involving 1,500 clinicians and 1,600 patients, focused on one NSW local health district where the incidence of hospital-acquired pressure injuries had increased … Read more

What is SURE?

The Secured Unified Research Environment (SURE) is an online workspace for analysing and sharing health data from many sources, including hospitals, Medicare and cancer registries.SURE puts the right data in the right hands – offering custodians a flexible way to share health data with the research community, while also giving researchers access to pre-approved linked … Read more

Research Action Awards 2021 Claire Blewitt

Dr Claire Blewitt, Research Fellow at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, discusses her groundbreaking intervention to address social and emotional difficulties in early childhood.

Research Action Awards 2021 Ben Bavinton

Dr Benjamin Bavinton, Senior Research Fellow at the Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney, discusses his world-leading research that for the first time proved HIV drug treatment effectively prevents sexual transmission of the disease between men.

Research Action Awards 2020 Luke Wolfenden

The key focus of Associate Professor Wolfenden’s work is how we can improve the implementation of childhood obesity prevention services across the community. While a lot of resources are being invested in identifying effective obesity prevention programs, much less work is being done in Associate Professor Wolfenden’s area, which is how we get these services … Read more

Research Action Award 2019 Amy Peden

Dr Amy Peden, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, discuses her award-winning research into reducing unintentional river drowning in Australia.

Research Action Award 2019 Kylie Gwynne

Adjunct Associate Professor Kylie Gwynne, Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, discuses her award-winning research on co-designing and evaluating Indigenous health services.