Investigators: Prof Emily Banks, Prof Louisa Jorm (CI), Ms Rosemary Korda, Ms Sanja Lujic.

Health insurance status varies widely in the population and has a substantial impact on access to health services. It is important to understand the factors relating to health insurance status in order to quantify an important source of health inequality and to better predict use and costs of services.

This project analysed data from the 45 and Up Study to examine the relationship between health insurance status and a wide range of demographic, lifestyle, health, social and other factors.

Outcomes resulting from this research:

Banks E, Jorm L, Lujic S, Rogers K. Health, ageing and private health insurance: baseline results from the 45 and Up Study cohort. Aust New Zealand Health Policy 2009 July 28;6:17. doi: 10.1186/1743-8462-6-17