Investigators: Prof Emily Banks (CI), Prof Louisa Jorm, A/Prof Sonia Wutzke.

The project aim was to collect detailed physical measures and biospecimens from approximately 1,000 45 and Up Study participants through dedicated clinics and existing pathology services to:

Provide overall information on the feasibility, acceptability and cost of collecting biospecimens and biodata from 45 and Up Study participants.

Establish likely response rates for collection of biospecimens and biodata from 45 and Up Study participants, overall and according to a range of factors, including data collection model, fasting versus non-fasting status, distance of residence from the collection site, age, sex, socioeconomic status, functional capacity and lifestyle.

The other aim of the project was to validate self-reported measures of height and weight against measured height and weight and provide measured data on height and weight to calibrate self-reported height and weight for the rest of the 45 and Up Study.

Outcomes resulting from this research:

Banks E, Herbert N, Rogers K, Mather T, Jorm L. Randomised trial investigating the relationship of response rate for blood sample donation to site of biospecimen collection, fasting status and reminder letter: The 45 and Up Study. BMC Med Res Methodol [Internet] 2012 Sep 24;12:147. doi:10.1186/1471-2288-12-147