Investigators: Prof Julie Byles (CI), Ms Catherine Chojenta, Dr Lynn Francis, Ms Isobel Hubbard, A/Prof Lynne Parkinson, Dr Jennifer Stewart-Williams Dr Andrew Searles, Prof Hal Kendig.

This study has four key aims:

  • Build platforms, methods and capacities for using linked data to examine ways in which the use and impacts of health and aged care services change as people grow older.
  • Undertake analyses of health care use associated with major chronic illnesses (such as stroke, arthritis and diabetes) and health risk behaviours; and the modifying effects of age, gender, other sociodemographic factors, and area of residence.
  • Undertake analyses to identify major drivers of health service use and factors associated with different levels and patterns of use among particular population subgroups according to age, gender, sociodemographic resources, and geographical location.
  • Develop and apply techniques for post roll out evaluation of recent health and policy innovations.