Investigators: Prof John Attia, Prof Emily Banks, Mrs Catherine Chamberlain, Prof Kirsty Douglas, Ms Anne Eades, Prof Sandra Eades, Dr Grace Joshy (CI), Dr Rosemary Korda, Prof Katherine Samaras.

Aboriginal Australians experience high levels of morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes, compared with the general Australian population. Although there is evidence of shortfalls in management of diabetes and CVD for Aboriginal versus non-Aboriginal Australians in some settings, the overall contribution of inequalities in healthcare to inequalities in health is not known.

This project will use large-scale cohort study and linked data on more than 2000 people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin and more than 250,000 non-Aboriginal participants, supplemented with additional self-reported data, to quantify differences in health outcomes for CVD and diabetes in Aboriginal versus non-Aboriginal Australians. By integrating data across the major domains of healthcare in these groups for the first time, the project will provide detailed evidence on the sources of inequalities in healthcare and their potential contribution to inequalities in health.